Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Bloggers in Miskabelle

We love, love, love to get Appreciation Photos on our Etsy feedback (hint, hint readers!), but even cooler is when one of our items  is styled up by a blogger!  I just wanted to share three "Miskabelle Sightings" with you, as well as introduce you to the three fabulous blogs where they come from.

Mandy of TheCurvyModel in a Miskabelle blazer
You may recognize Mandy's face (and smokin' curvy bod) from some of her modeling work (she's a plus-sized model who's done work for ModCloth, Hips and Curves, and Venus magazine).  She is beautiful and she shares a lot about her life, modeling experiences, and fashion on her blog.  She's an inspiration for women of every shape and size. Love her!

Victoria of Justice Pirate in a Miskabelle prairie dress

Meet Victoria of the blog Justice Pirate.  She is another inspiring blogger who wears many hats:  wife, mom, youth leader, and human trafficking abolitionist. Victoria styled this really cool look after a 1900's mail-order bride.  You can see the whole blog here. Victoria is passionate about her faith, promoting modesty in clothing, and of course, social justice. She's an overall amazing person and I feel lucky to know her through our shop and her blog/Twitter.

Mel of Idee Geniale in a Miskabelle chambray shirt dress
You might recognize this lovely if you've hung out in the fashion blogging world at all: her name is Mel, and she is the fashionista behind the blog Idee Geniale.  This photo is long overdue, since she styled this dress in August! But I had to share it because she looks amazing.  Mel hails from Canada, but lives in New York City.  She has amazing style--she's one of my top fashion inspirations at the moment.  She'll quickly become one of yours too once you check out the blog.  She's a peach.

Send us your photos wearing Miskabelle and we'll love you forever! (Okay, we'll already love you forever, but it would be really great to see how you style your vintage duds.)



  1. Wonderful post! All of these ladies look lovely.

  2. I just lost an hour browsing their blogs... Some awesomely inspiring women!

  3. Sorry about the lost hour, but it was worth it, right? ;) xo



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